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Klopp: Can you imagine Coutinho still in the team?

Klopp: Can you imagine Coutinho still in the team?

Jurgen Klopp thinks it “would have been nice” for Liverpool to have both Adam Lallana and Philippe Coutinho available for the full season.

Coutinho completed his £146million transfer to Barcelona in the January transfer window, while Lallana spent most of the season on the sidelines with injury.

Klopp has revealed that plans were in place to cope with Coutinho’s exit but he admits it would have been interesting to see the attacking midfielder remain until the end of the season.

“What do we do?” Klopp told Robbie Fowler in the Daily Mirror. “We brought in Naby Keita already, an outstanding player. We will bring in a couple more players and that will happen.

“But we had the quality of players already to finish the season higher.

“Think about the season we played without Lallana, and half a season without Coutinho. Two of the best players in the whole Premier League. They didn’t play on the pitch for us.

“Can you imagine Phil Coutinho still in the team?

“And we play with the three up front and Phil at eight – that would have been nice!”


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